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Flameless Fire Pit DIY

When you’re busy, it’s easy to let decor updates fall to the wayside. But this gorgeous DIY fire pit takes less than an hour to make and will totally transform your space! It’s a super-affordable project, too—not to mention super fun to make. All it takes is three things and three steps! 

Here’s everything you’ll need: 

  • Some sticks
  • A dozen or so stones
  • 1 string battery-operated LED mini lights

Hint: Paint your sticks white for a brighter, minimalist take!

Circle up the stones to create the edge of your fire pit. 

Capture that bonfire vibe by propping the bottoms against the inside the stones and leaning the sticks against each other. 

Create the “flame” by weaving the string lights around the base and sticks. 

Now you can have the coziness of a fire pit all year long, adding a decorative glow to any space. We’re loving this as a backyard accent, on the bookshelf in our office, lighting up a pillow fort, or as a table centerpiece. 

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The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team