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Trivia Night Done Right

Channel your inner game show host or simply show off your smarts with our take on trivia night. Players make the game together, making this a perfect family fun night or girls’ night in. Think minimum party prep and maximum fun.

You’ll only need to do three things before it’s “Game on!” Craft an on-point nibble, have your categories ready, and create a simple game piece.

3-Step Party Prep

Get ready for Trivia night with these three simple steps. We bet you can do all three in a whopping 30 minutes – not including picking up a couple boxes of The Naked Grape and snacks. You were going anyway, right?

Make a list of six categories. Trivia night creates the perfect excuse to get to know each other better and share fond memories. We think part of the fun is crowdsourcing the questions. Here are six suggestions to get you started:

* Personal details (what is the name of Jenny’s first love?)

* Food (who invented the toaster strudel?)

* Pop culture (who got the final rose?)

* Celebrities (how many celebrities named their kid Blue?)

* Fashion (what is a pantaloon?)

* Wine (how long will an open box of The Naked Grape keep?)

Hint: Picking six categories makes the question selection step later a snap – no matter what you have lying around the house.

Craft a question picker. Here are three super speedy ways to pick each trivia question based on objects you can find around the house:

Simple Spinner: Pop out the spinner on an old game piece, paint or color the number of categories and push the spinner through the newly decorated side.

Roll the Dice: Paint the sides of a die or just assign each category number from 1-6 and assign categories to each one.

The Ol’ Hat Trick: Drop the questions on slips of paper into a big, beautiful bowl or hat. Just keep those answer in your head or on your phone!

Stir up the snacks and decorations in one. Before you head to the store for wine and some brain food (we hear chocolate is great for that), make sure you have the supplies to make our three-ingredient Goody Wine Gum Drops [link to recipe blog]. We bet you’ve got most of them in your pantry.

These rainbow-colored gummy goodies will keep even the most competitive event playful. Cut a small slit to slide in team name place cards and/or label your appetizers. We think they make great prizes for getting the right answer, too.

Game on!

With the prep done, it’s time to have fun. Set out the snacks and Goody Wine Gum Drop decorations.

As your guests arrive and grab a snack, review the categories you’ve selected in advance. Have everyone write down two questions for each category. Voila, you’ve got a custom game just for your guests. Split into teams and get your trivia on and prepare to make a toast to whoever knows the most!

The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team