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Pie + Wine = Perfection

Bring on the buttery, flaky, comforting holiday pies. But pie-eating can be thirsty work. We may be biased, but we’re pretty sure wine makes the best companion to time-honored seasonal desserts—and we can prove it. Let’s slice up the simple art of wine-and-pie pairing. It’s easier than you think!


As a general rule, when pairing wine with dessert there’s one thing to keep in mind: your wine should be at least as sweet—if not sweeter—than whatever you're eating. A slight acidity will even give balance. 

If your pie isn’t overly sweet, it will pair nicely with a wide spectrum of sweeter wines from fizzy and light to sticky and caramel-ly -- think Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Grigio and all the usual wines you’ve already planned as part of your dinner menu. 

Ready for memorable, mouthwatering pie pairings worthy of giving thanks? 

Apple PieThe Naked Grape Chardonnay’s elegant and creamy palate delivers a mid-bodied flavor with lingering fruit finish—expect pitch perfect flavors of baked apple and caramel.
Blueberry PieA robust and rich Cabernet Sauvignon offers bold flavors of dark fruit and blackberries that complement sweet blueberries like no other.
Lemon Meringue PieWith aromas of pear and Meyer lemon, light-bodied Pinot Grigio has a crisp, fresh, light and tangy style that’s just right.
Pecan PieWith just a touch of fizz, and aromas of peach and orange blossom, our Moscato’s clean finish makes a delightful pairing to pecan pie’s rich texture.
Pumpkin PiePinot Grigio is the way to go to pair with this seasonal favorite. To bring out the best in pumpkin pie, think aromatic white wines with flowery aromas with high-acidity.


Not a pie person? Good news: wine also pairs with fruit tarts, crumbles and cobblers, butter cookies, carrot cake, chocolate and probably anything else you’ve got planned for a holiday meal. Plus, if your guests are feeling euphoric enough, they may even offer to help with the dishes. We’d say that’s a win.

The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team