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A Modern Take on Deviled Eggs

Ready to take advantage of this great weather with a backyard dinner party? There’s nothing like a yummy tray of deviled eggs to satisfy hungry guests before the main event. You might have a deviled egg recipe from your grandmother, but did you know this versatile dish is a super fun one to experiment with as well?

Here are three ways to spice up this time-tested pleasure… 

Paprika Deviled Eggs

There’s a reason traditional recipes stand the test of time. They’re delicious! Whip up your favorite deviled egg recipe, then don’t forget to top with a dash of paprika. 

Avocado Deviled Eggs 

These delicious alternatives are devilishly easy! Just swap the mayo in your fave relish-free recipe with a large avocado for each dozen eggs. We also recommend stirring in enough lime or lemon juice to keep that green glow and add a little zip. Garnish with fresh ground pepper and diced green onions for a little extra flair.

Jalapeño Bacon Cheese Deviled Eggs 

All aboard the green train but prefer a spicy kick? Add diced jalapeño, a handful of grated cheddar cheese and some bacon bits into your deviled egg mixture before mashing all the goodness together. Dish up as usual, topping with a few extra bits of bacon-y goodness for a big finish. 

Hint: Pump up the wow-factor of this delicious app by serving them on a classic deviled egg tray. We spotted three up for grabs during our last visit to the thrift store!

Of course, these delicious dishes pair perfectly with our light, bright, beautiful wines…if we do say so ourselves. 

We hope you have a blast whipping these up and raising a glass with friends. Just remember to keep your recipes on hand. Your friends will want in on your little secret for their next soirée! 

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The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team