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Which Wine is For You?

So you've been wondering which of our wines will delight your taste buds the most? With eight varietals, in bottle and box, we totally understand how it can be tough to decide what to pour in your glass as you wind down from a hectic workday. Should you go with sweet? Maybe dry or fruit-forward? We're here to help you decide.

Here's the gist: for white wine lovers, we have a crisp Pinot Grigio, a classic Chardonnay and a sweet Moscato. For the red wine enthusiasts out there, we have a robust Cabernet Sauvignon, a soft Pinot Noir, a smooth Harvest Red Blend, a rich Merlot and a spicy Malbec.


If you're looking for a wine that's fresh, light and tangy, then our Pinot Grigio is the one for you! It's light-bodied, with aromas of pear and lemon. If you're someone who likes refreshing wines, this is the one to try. Pair this with: spicy dishes or raviolis with sage and brown butter. 


Our Chardonnay is an elegant and creamy, medium-bodied wine. With essence of baked apple and caramel, this dry wine is great for those who enjoy a softer mouthfeel and lingering fruit finish. Pair this with: grilled fish or butternut squash risotto. 


Last but not least, our Moscato is for those with a delightful sweet tooth! A full-bodied wine with aromas of peach and orange blossom, it goes great with whatever dessert you have planned. Or you could just substitute your dessert with a glass of Moscato, we won't judge. Pair this with: desserts or panettone with mascarpone cream.


Now on to the reds! With bold flavors of dark fruit and blackberries, our Cabernet Sauvignon is ready for whatever charming toast you have planned. It's our driest varietal, full-bodied, good for those who enjoy rich qualities in wine. Pair this with: a hearty burger or beef bourguignon.


If you're looking for a soft and smooth red, then our Pinot Noir is the one for you. A medium-bodied varietal with red cherry and raspberry aromas, this wine is great for those looking for a juicy wine that they can sink their teeth into. Pair this with: your favorite BBQ take-out or brussel sprout grilled cheese.


Our Harvest Red Blend is medium-bodied and tends to flirt with the line between dry and sweet. With flavors of smooth blackberry and robust plum, it's blended to compete with any red blend out there. Pair this with: vegetarian fettucine carbonara or lamb chops.


Full of aromas of dark cherry and caramel, our Merlot has a smooth mouthfeel and is medium-bodied. It's balanced just right to be sweet, but dry and great for those looking to explore other red wine varietals. Pair this with: most bean/legume dishes or chicken tacos.


Last but not least is our Malbec, full of delicious fruity flavors with a kick of spice. This full-bodied wine is on the drier side and is definitely for those looking to try something new and be surprised! Pair this with: most beef dishes or grilled skirt steak with chimichurri.


The Naked Grape Team

The Naked Grape Team